The Numbers 101 to 1000

Congratulations! The fact that you are reading this article tells me that you already know the numbers from 1 – 20 and the numbers from 21 – 100 in German, so good on you! Congrats!

As you probably know by now, counting in German is actually not that difficult – especially not for English speakers. In this also won’t change for the numbers 101 to 1000. In fact, it will only get easier.

Multiples of 100

Let’s start with the easiest of all, the multiples of 100. As you already learned in a previous article, the German term for 100 is hundert or einhundert – so almost the same as in English. And we form the multiples of hundert, just like in English, by taking the word for the first digit and adding -hundert.

So we get:

100(ein)hundert(one) hundred
200zweihunderttwo hundred
300dreihundertthree hundred
400vierhundertfour hundred
500fünfhundertfive hundred
600sechshundertsix hundred
700siebenhundertseven hundred
800achthunderteight hundred
900neunhundertnine hundred
1000(ein)tausend(one) thousand

Pretty easy, right? The only difference is in the spelling. While in German, we write the whole number as one word (e.g. neunhundert), in English, we leave a gap between the first digit and the term “hundred” (e.g. nine hundred).

But that’s really the only difference.

More complex numbers

Now that we know the multiples of 100, the only thing we need to do translate numbers like 423, for example, is to add the German term for the number after the first digit – in this case: 23.

So of we stick with our example, we get the following equation:


And this way we can form any number between 101 and 1000. Not to difficult either, right?

The only thing to keep in mind here, is that in German, numbers are written as one word – even up until one million!

So let’s have a look at some more examples:


So as you can see, the numbers in German are really nothing to be afraid of. It’s all fairly simple. Are you ready to check out the numbers above 1000, then check out the article below:

Stay tuned for more articles about the German numbers and other essentials for learning German!

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