How to say Good-Bye in German

Greetings and good bye’s are some of the most important basics of a language. That’s why today we would like to show you how to say ‘good-bye’ in German.

Just like with greetings, this depends on the formality of the situation. Here are some common options:

TschüssSee you later
TschauBye bye
Auf WiedersehenGood-Bye

These options only depend on your relationship to the other person – they don’t depend on when you will meet each other again. “Auf Wiedersehen” is the most formal option, while “Tschau” is the least formal one. The most used expression, however, is “Tschüss.”

Apart from these options, there are also some other ways to say good-bye in German, that depend on when you will meet each other again:

Bis gleichSee you soon
Bis späterSee you later
Bis morgenSee you tomorrow
Bis zum nächsten MalSee you next time

This is all that you need to know about how to say good bye in German. As you can, it is not too difficult. If you would also like to know how to greet in German, check out our article about that, as well.

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